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Revolutionize NC Data Management! A groundbreaking software for efficiently storing important NC data and drawings.

Have you ever felt that managing NC data in the manufacturing field is cumbersome? Be sure to consider Billionaire for a solution.

These stories are so typical in the manufacture companies.

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Hey, who was it from our company that created the data for this product? How did they go about it?

How much was this product sold for, anyway?

Where is the drawing of this product?

We don't have the data for the product we made five years ago! Do we really have to start from scratch again with the NC data?

I remember doing this repair before, but since it's all paper-based, it's such a hassle having to go to the document storage room to check, and it takes up so much time...

It would be so much more efficient if a tool exchange list was automatically generated in Excel during product manufacturing...

Billionaire efficiently links manufacturing processes and drawings in manufacturing facilities. It's a data storage software that's sure to be invaluable in manufacturing environments!


【Mainform】This is the start menu.


【registerProduct】By clicking on the product name here, you can instantly view registered photos, stored NC data, pricing, the employee who created the NC, the date of first creation, drawings, and more all on one screen. You can store up to 10 NC data files and 5 wirecut data files (the quantity of data can be changed as an option). Clicking will open a separate screen where you can review the NC data.


【tool change list】With just one button click, you can generate a tool exchange list in Excel. This drastically reduces the chances of ruining a product due to tool exchange errors.


【makeNC】You can easily create simple NC data right from this screen. For example, if you need a basic hole drilling program, please use the 'Simple Hole Drilling Program' feature.


【MaintenanceRecords】You can also save maintenance records. You won't need to check on paper anymore for details like when the last maintenance was done or what issues occurred. Everything is recorded and easily accessible.


【QandA】Q&A is also integrated into the database. What's the error code for this? How should I handle this situation? We've developed our own algorithm to create a search engine. It's like conducting an internet search, enabling you to quickly find answers.

Function details

Manage NC data, drawings, and product prices for each item. Save manufacturing notes by adding memos.
Efficient data management by linking PDFs to product names.
Store up to 10 NC data files and 5 wire cut data files per product.
Automatically backup data to a separate folder upon saving.
Clearly identify responsibility by automatically recording NC creators.
Easily create simple NC data with this software.
Output tool exchange lists in Excel (limited to NC data following our company's rules).
Database integration for repair records.
Quickly send orders for commonly ordered supplies, parts, and consumables via fax (or email) with just two buttons.
Access Q&A within the software; search for answers as long as they're saved by colleagues.
Encrypt and store NC data on servers; the chance of manufacturing methods leaking to other companies is almost negligible even if data is breached.
Developed by Ninnin Products, ensuring prompt bug fixes.
Customizable for special customer requirements (additional fees apply).
2023/09/22 15:00
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