Let me tell you a story from around 2010 when I worked at a factory. The employees at the factory were programming by hand while staring at the screens of NC machines. Even though the internet and computers were already in their mature stages at that time, I couldn't help but wonder why we were doing such time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks. Wouldn't it be much faster to input the data into a PC and transfer it?


 This experience led me to develop software that allows for easy NC programming. That was the birth of the first version of Billionaire. Initially, the software was created for NC programming to drill holes and create holes with end mills. Over the years, we have continuously updated this software, and it has been more than 15 years since the initial version. I am confident that it is the only software that enables users to intuitively create simple NC programs.

Following this, we developed openK, software that manages orders, manufacturing, and shipping in an integrated manner. Currently, our factory management revolves around this software. As the project leader, I am personally involved in the programming, and since it is developed in-house, we can promptly make any necessary adjustments. We can also reflect users' requests in the next update and develop custom features to meet specific needs.

If you have any suggestions for software that would be convenient to have, or if you are looking for a company that can develop such software, please contact us. We will carefully consider whether it is feasible, including delivery times and development costs.

Let's create a more convenient future through software.

CEO Hatori Yukiyo

Our Business Field
sale,management,maintenance of Billionare
sale,management,maintenance of openK
coaching,management,maintenance of NC machines
development of Excel macro
Coaching CAD/CAM software
Making NC data
DATA system Using windowsServer

Our history
2019/10Started using NC data mangement,Billionaire
2020年3月Started developing order and shipping system,openK
2021年1月Started using accounting software,Billiaccount
2021年10月Started using openKAONv1.0
2021年10月bought Coffee maker
2021年11月Started usging database byWindowsServer2012r2
2022年9月Constructed the second warehouse in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture
2022年11月developed multiuser system using SQL Server
2022年12月Applied for multiuser type of Billionaire and openK
2023年2月second warehouse interior construction completed
2023年5月started distributing firstopenK DEMOversion
2024年5月opened new homepage


CEO profile

born December 1976

Since childhood, I have been passionate about gaming, starting from Game & Watch to consoles like the Famicom and PlayStation, enjoying various hardware.

During university, I rarely attended classes and instead immersed myself in music production using music creation software. I also played keyboards as a supporting member in a rock band, performing at numerous live gigs.

Afterwards, utilizing my proficiency in English, I worked in various roles such as at an import agency, providing support for audio equipment, and as an instructor at a well-known cram school. I also assisted in the family business, a parts manufacturer, gaining diverse work experiences. It was during this time that I wondered if there was a more efficient way to operate things, which led me to study programming, eventually leading to software development.

My hobbies include traveling and watching movies. I have a viewing room in my house equipped with surround sound. I am nearly fluent in English, with language skills close to native level.