How to contact us?


First, please let us know in general terms what kind of software you would like to develop together with our company. Vague ideas are welcome. We look forward to hearing from you.

(Of course, the more specific the content, the more detailed discussions we can have.)


If the project appears to be within our development capabilities, we will promptly inform you. Please excuse us if the project is not feasible for development. In such cases, we will still reach out to inform you.

Our expertise lies in VisualStudio-centered development, particularly in creating software solutions and database structures tailored for multiple users. Please refer to our original software, Billionaire and openK, for examples of our work.

About Billionaire

About openK


After several meetings, we will provide you with information regarding the development timeline and costs. Meetings can be conducted in person or via Skype, Zoom for those in the Tokyo metropolitan area, while for other regions, we kindly request meetings to be held exclusively through Skype or Zoom.


Upon completion of development, we will conduct a preliminary check between the client and our team members.


After receiving payment, we will proceed with delivery. Additionally, we are available to provide training or any necessary support following the delivery.